Join Hands With Upkar Sansthan Trust To Raise Funds For Food Distribut TAX BENEFITS Indian tax benefits available.

Haridwar Kumbh-2021
March 8, 2021
श्राद्ध पक्ष-पितृ पक्ष -2021
March 8, 2021

Our NGO Upkar Sansthan trust is based out of udaipur and we are committed to impacting and improving lives for 9 years now. To take our objective a step further, we have begun a crowdfunding campaign to raise 500000 for the Food Distribution.

Upkar Sansthan Trust has been engaged in the service of the suffering humanity since 2013. Food, medicines, clothes, sweaters, kamble and ration distribution services to the poor have been operated with the cooperation of donors for years. Millions of people have been benefited till date. The mission of the institute is “No Hungry and Naked”, for this, a target has been set to distribute 50000 food packets in 2 months according to 1000 food packets per day. Shares help the poor, orphans, Homeless, laborers, forced and helpless people cutting lives on the sidewalk.

Food Support –

Collaboration – Rs 50 per food packet,

10 packet meal support – Rs 500,

20 packet meal support – Rs 1000,

50 packet meal support – Rs 2500

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