About Us

About Us

Human Development & Charitable Society in Udaipur

Our institute has been engaged in human service for the last 6 years. Seeing the poor sleeping on the pavement, watching the chilling children and old men in the winter, watching the helpless while starving, watching the widows and divorced women sweep the others house, seeing the dying, seeing the women in the villages walking on foot and putting water on their head, putting the 3 to 3 pots on the head, seeing the cripples staggering, seeing the old people stumble out of the house and seeing them go to Old-Age Home and seeing the cows wandering on the plight road. It seems that we are a burden on the earth. Can I and you together not help them? There are many scenes in which the heart is moved with sadness.

These questions and our family values forced philanthropy. Do anything but if someone is in trouble then help him first. If someone is hungry then feed him bread, if he is sick then give him medicine, give him monthly ration if he is craving for ration. Orphaned, helpless, destitute children, who should have a smile on their faces but with worry on their faces, read them - a human effort to put their feet on their feet.

Our pledge is that "Vasudev Katumbakam" not only in Rajasthan, but in the whole of India, no poor, handicapped, orphan, widow, and old person should suffer.

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